Marketing Checklist

Here's your step-by-step guide to set you up for success!

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By Nov. 5

Segment Your Lists

Review your contacts and analyze past purchases, engagement data and personal data to quickly identify who is your highest priority.
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By Nov. 8

Target Your Lists

Use geographical tools and filters to get current and potential customers' eyes on your products. 
Consider A/B testing.
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By Nov. 9

Optimize eCommerce

Don't let your website's mobile presentation cost you customers. Optimize your website so it works well on mobile. Make links, forms and buttons easy to click and fill.
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By Nov. 10

Test & Schedule

Before you press send to all your customers, you'll want to ensure any spelling and grammar issues are corrected.
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By Nov. 11

Create Automations

Sending a simple abandoned cart reminder through text or email is all you need to convert sales most of the time.
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By Nov. 12

Plan for Interactions

Plan for how your company will handle as many customer experience interactions as possible.

By Nov. 15


You're ready to rock! Emails should be going out. Review your cash flow and prepare for go-time on Nov. 26.
Cash Flow Tips

On Dec. 1

Follow Up

Follow up with customers who showed interest during Black Friday, whether they purchased or only browsed your site.
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On Dec. 10

Gather & Prepare

Revisit your Black Friday campaign to begin polishing prep work for your holly jolly winter campaign.
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