Give Your Business the Edge

No marketing team? No worries!

Try these 4 tips to connect with customers.

Exceptional Experiences
Unique Differences
Free Business Tools
More Online Reviews!

Tip #1:

Provide an effortless and exceptional experience for every customer

Make your customers feel special.

Engage with them and put in extra effort to make them feel appreciated.



Make it easy to do business with you.

Provide easy ways for customers to learn about what you offer, make purchases and contact you if they have any questions.



Go the extra mile.

Find ways to make your customers’ lives easier (such as with product recommendations) – it's the fastest way to create loyalty.

TIP #2



What Makes Your Business Stand Out?

As a business owner, you can probably list a bunch of different ways that your business stands out from the pack.


But are your potential customers seeing these when they first encounter you?
To make sure they are, it’s important that you:


Get clear on the advantage you have over your competition

Communicate that advantage in your marketing messages

With that in mind, here are some methods to help you get clear on your competitive advantage:

If you're not asking for reviews from your customers, you're missing out. They’re an incredible marketing tool and are the best way to discover what keeps your customers coming back.
When talking to your customers, are there any problems they’re consistently telling you about? Be the first to provide a solution.
Is there something your business specializes in? A specific group of people that you serve? Whatever it is, make sure you’re communicating it to your customers.

Want some more info? Click the button below to check out our article on building your competitive advantage.

Tip #3

Maximize your business growth

with these free tools

So far, each tip you’ve received has taken a little bit of effort to make the most of.
But now, it’s time for us to do the heavy lifting by sharing some of our best free tools. Check them out below.

Tool #1: Make Getting Reviews Easy

Customers check reviews when deciding who to do business with. Collect great reviews now and reap the rewards later with a unique review link for your business.

Tool #2: Optimize your Google My Business Listing

Keep the important info in front of your customers when they need it. Use this 8-question assessment to check how complete your listing actually is.

Tool #3: Nail your
Email Marketing Game

Make sure you're getting your email marketing right so that when it’s time to buy,
you’re the first business your customers think of.

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TIP #4

Get More Online Reviews!

One of the first things customers often do when looking to buy, is check out the reviews of the businesses they’re considering buying from.
Which raises the question... what are they going to find when they look at your business? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – we made collecting reviews easy with our free Review Link Generator.
Just place the link in your customer communications (emails, invoices, text messages, etc.) and you're done. You can re-use it again and again – collecting reviews just got effortless.