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CRM Cleanup Guide

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Locate Bad Data


Big Bad Data

It's Every Company's Enemy


Incorrect, outdated, duplicated, misformatted or incomplete data will, without fail, hinder your marketing and sales teams' attempts from being as successful as they could be.


If you're collecting customer data from your website, pop-up events, sales team interactions or lists your company comes across, you'll want to make sure the information is correct because poor data is a time and money killer.


Tidying up your company's CRM is no quick task but it's worth doing, especially considering sales and market departments lose an estimated 550 hours and up to $32,000 per sales rep due to bad data.


of email addresses become outdated every year
Types of Bad Data

Incorrect Information

Incorrect Information

Storing incorrect information like wrong names, addresses, emails and phone numbers means your marketing team is reaching either no one or worse — the wrong person.


Incorrect data is a no-go. Sending prospective or current customers messages with the wrong information will harm your brand, especially when using automation.


Nothing says "I don't care" more than regular emails addressing customers by the wrong name.

Outdated Information

Outdated Information

It's safe to say you've been collecting potential and current customer information for as long as you've been in business.


The information you're using could be years out of date, especially if you're working with reps from other companies.


Up to 66% of people change companies or job functions every year.


If your company works with a representative of another company, you'll want to make sure that contact is still with the company or in that same position.

Duplicated Information

Duplicated Information

Duplicated information is the most common form of bad data. 


Partial and exact duplicates occur from:

  • CSV import and export errors
  • Manual entry errors

If you have multiple contacts with the same name, address or phone number, you're not only taking up extra space for no reason, but you're also going to report more customers than you actually have.


You could also potentially send repetitive communication. Yikes.

Misformatted Information

Misformatted Information

Formatting errors like missed capitalizations, phone numbers without spaces and various abbreviations are more than irritating — they're usually the cause of duplicated data.


When formatting requirements aren't in place, data from sales reps and customers filling out forms will be inconsistent. 


Formatting Types to Consider:

  • Phone Numbers: 3217654321, 321-765-4321, (321) 765-4321, 1-321-765-4321
  • Dates: 03/07/2021, 3/7/21, 7/3/2021, March 7th, 2021
  • Capitalization of Names and Companies: Becky Young, becky young, Becky from Young Plumbing

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