Going Digital.

Staying Human.

Digital transformation isn't just about technology. 

Start with your people, first.

Business Strategies
Insiders + Fear
Customer Expectations

Business Strategies

Technology is not a business strategy

When it comes to thinking digitally, it's less about a challenge in technology than it is the opportunity to transform the way your team works — and how efficiently they do it.
Don’t get stuck on needing a specific tool or software, rather study your business strategy to identify a solution that will help you achieve your goals, such as:
Stay More Organized
by buliding an online customer database

Promote Sales
with an email marketing plan

You're not alone. Business owners just like you are struggling to get their hands around a digital workflow that makes sense.
Click the numbers below to learn more:
A hefty


of leaders struggle to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation
An overwhelming


of employees surveyed don't understand their organization's strategy
A meager 


of executive teams spend at least one hour per month discussing strategy

Set your plan in motion

of well-formulated strategies fail because of poor execution



It's natural to want to jump straight into updates, products and everything else on your list, but pump the brakes. In order to give your competition a run for their money, you need to plan.
Analyze your company's mission and see how going digital can enhance that mission. You're going to want to look at your business model and reimagine it.
Only 15% of small business owners have recorded their full plans in the past year.
When you're transforming your business, you have to include your people. Round up your leaders, stakeholders and programming department for a group brainstorming session.
By working together, your company has a higher chance at successfully and seamlessly transitioning.
Companies that communicate with employees across all levels of the organization are 8 times more likely to achieve transformation success.
You don't control which aspect of your digital transformation is a success — your customers do. Because they are the ones who keep you in business, everything you do should be done with the customer in mind.
  •   Is this something my customers have requested before?
  •   Will this make working with us easier for my customers?
  •   How will this improve the customer experience?
of small business owners are somewhat or very confident in their ability to execute their business strategy.
of those owners still fall short of meeting their goals, and only 65% review their strategy quarterly.

Quiz Yourself

TRUE or FALSE: In order for your digital shift to be successful, you need buy-in from others.
You're right, this statement is TRUE!
Without having your team on board, pushback can slow up the process of transforming your business. Curious about going a step further? Tying together digital marketing and your brand vision is an easy recipe for success that you can also implement.
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Sorry, this statement is not false, it is TRUE!
Without having your team on board, pushback can slow up the process of transforming your business. If the cost or time expectancy of transforming your company is causing an issue, there are simple changes you can make in the meantime that doesn't break the bank or take a world of time.
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Insiders + Fear

Balancing The Employee Experience

When introducing new digital technology into your operation, lean on your current employees to determine where digitization can benefit your business and empower your staff to own these new processes.
Leverage Your Current Employees »
Acknowledge the Fear of Being Replaced »

Leverage Your Current Employees

Before taking the plunge on new technology, consult with your staff on how technology can be successfully implemented. Without buy-in and a dedicated strategy, failure is almost inevitable. 
77% of small business owners are somewhat or very confident in their ability to execute their strategy, but 95% still fall short of meeting all of their goals


Acknowledge The Fear Of Being Replaced

Employing digital technology can be exciting, but don’t forget to consider your employees. They may fear that new technology could make them obsolete.  
27% of workers fear their job will become obsolete within the next five years. 
As an employer, it is essential to acknowledge those insecurities and stress that the new technology is an opportunity for employees to gain experience and own new processes.
Only 36% of workers trust their supervisors to prepare them for changes in technology at work. 14% don't trust their management to prepare them at all.


75% of small business owners say they are facing at least one barrier to implementing digital tools.


of small businesses say they have plans to increase the use of digital tools.


of small businesses say they lack qualified staff to implement new technology.


of workers say they are average or above at keeping up with technology at work.
In Fact ...
Business Strategies 

30% of workers actually welcome automation in the workplace and believe it could improve their current jobs.

Customer Experience

Take Customer Feedback To Heart

If you're implementing digital technology to improve your relationship with your customers, then you need to gain insight and understanding from those same customers.  
of online scheduling happens after normal business hours.
Give Me an Example

of Millennials say they prefer text messaging over picking up the phone.

Texting Tips Please

of customers will never return to a website after a bad experience.

Help Me Fix My Site

Customer Expereince Is Personal

  • Small businesses can achieve high customer satisfaction by making sure that the experience is personal to a level that is not achievable for large companies.
  • Employees who interact with customers should not only know their names, but take an interest in personal details about them, such as the names and ages of their kids or their personal interests.

80% of customers believe that small businesses provide a better customer experience compared to larger companies.

Quiz Yourself

TRUE or FALSE: 95% of respondents said they are more likely to be loyal to a small business that they can rely on.
You're right, this statement is TRUE!
In addition, according to Business News Daily, 93% said they were more likely to recommend a company they trusted to others.
Improve My Customer Experience
Sorry, this statement is not false, it is TRUE!
When it comes to trust, you are getting more than just loyalty from one customer, you are also creating advocates for your organization. According to Business News Daily, 91% of Millennials or Gen Z were likely to share a positive experience.
Customer Experience In action


Happy Employees Are Good For The Bottom Line

If your business is going to be successful, you need to invest in your employees' well-being.
The Digital Shift of 2020 provided an unexpected increase in work-wellness that hadn't been explored in great detail before, and it should be all but a trend.

of businesses reported shifting to online operations.


of employees reported feeling job satisfaction after the digital pivot.

Wellness In The Workplace

While technology is often the cause of burnout, it can also become the solution. See how streamlining processes can free up employees so they can take a 15-minute walk, full hour lunch break or even just chat with co-workers in the office.


When your employees feel good, their productivity shoots up and improves the overall efficiency of their team. 
Healthy employees perform 25% better than their peers who are not.


Stand out against your competitors by making sure your employees feel valued. 
93% of workers say they wouldn't quit a company if it invested in their growth.