Wearing the

HR Hat

A guide to making the right people decisions for your business

Taking Care of Your Most Important Asset.

Your People.

From taking orders to completing the job, your people are the backbone of your business. In this eBook, you'll learn the best human resources tactics for hiring, understanding organizational culture and building well-being for your team.

What Are Your HR Priorities?

My business is hiring or expanding, and I want to recruit the best staff.
I want to know what organizational culture is and how it works.
I want to support my people and staff and make good people decisions.

Making It Easy:

Thryv's End-to-End Software for Growing Businesses

Thryv makes it easier to manage your admin, bookings, invoices and social presence, giving you more time to manage the people in your business and create a better working environment.
Have multiple locations or are you expanding your business? Hub by Thryv is a perfect solution for thriving small businesses.
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About This Guide

As is the case with anything business-related, this guide isn't meant to provide legal or formal advice on managing staff, nor is it meant to replace a dedicated human resources professional. 


Instead, our intent is to give you some background information, statistics and best-practice to help you get thinking about your own business.


Once you've read this guide, we hope you'll have a better understanding of people management best-practice and can approach it with some goals in mind.