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3 Steps to Attracting Great Employees


Your business is only as good as the people who power it. 

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Once you’ve hired your team, the job isn’t done.
No matter how great your employees can be on the job, if their well-being isn’t taken care of, it’ll catch up to them.
Check out our blog on the benefits of employee wellness. 

Tools to Help You Prevent Burnout

Being busy is not a badge of honor. We're serious. It’s time to take a step back and refocus.

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Step 1: Stop being proud of being busy. This attitude can be overwhelming and cause you to lose motivation.


Want tips to foster the perfect work-life balance? Check out this blog.



Optimize Your Google My Business

Hey you, did you know your Google My Business listing is the best way to get found online?


This free listing allows you to highlight your services, essentially putting a spotlight on your business so your potential customers can find you through Google search.


Take this assessment to see where your GMB listing stands.


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True or False: Accepting ACH payments with the ThryvPay app can save you money. 

You're right, this statement is TRUE!

For instance, let’s say you have a $5,000 invoice. If you opt to accept ACH, you’ll pay the maximum flat rate of $9 when processing through the ThryvPay app.


However, if you process that $5,000 via a credit card, you’d pay about $145 in processing fees. With ACH, that’s $136 in savings that stays right in your pocket!


Learn more about the app in the link below.

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Sorry, this statement is not false, it is TRUE!

We'll prove it to you. Let’s say you have a $5,000 invoice. If you opt to accept ACH, you’ll pay the maximum flat rate of $9 when processing through the ThryvPay app.


However, if you process that $5,000 via a credit card, you’d pay about $145 in processing fees. With ACH, that’s $136 in savings that stays right in your pocket!


Learn more about the app in the link below.

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New Year, New Business Applications

The US Chamber of Commerce has some insight on which business ideas may be most viable. 
Business Ideas

FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

The contest entry period is now closed.
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Google Review Linke Generator

Create a custom Google Review link to share with customers in just 15 seconds.
Google Review Link Generator

CRM Enhancement Update

Thryv users can now manage multiple items or individuals under the same client.
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Women's History Month

Madam C. J. Walker. Walker was the first female, African American millionaire. Learn more about her incredible story. 
History Lesson, Please

Volume 2

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SMS or "Text" Marketing

3 reasons your business should be using text marketing to grow your business.

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TikTok Small Business Shop

Small businesses can now sell products through their TikTok accounts.

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Thryv is a TV Star

Thryv was featured on Designing Spaces which airs on Lifetime TV. 
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The Ultimate CRM Cleanup Guide

Does your spring cleaning include your CRM? If not, it should.
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Advice from a Teenage CEO

Tyla-Simone Crayton is the 17-year-old founder and CEO of Sienna Sauce.
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Volume 3

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SBA Triples Loan Amounts

As the pandemic lingers, the SBA increases loan offerings

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COVID Forces a Digital Shift

Small businesses ramp up their online presence. 

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Q&A: Online Listings

How to manage all your online listings with Thryv
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Zoom Escaper

Be a rebel and sneak out of a Zoom meeting with this hack.

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How to Prevent Burnout

Prevent feelings of exhaustion or isolation with these simple tips.
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Volume 4

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How Your CRM Saves You Time

Let Thryv's enhanced CRM streamline your day-to-day operations

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When to Quit Your Day Job

Small Business Reddit


To-Do or To-Don’t?

Identifying what NOT to do to increase your productivity

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Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

30 great gift ideas for the small business owner in your life

Let's Go SHopping

Volume 5

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Clubhouse: The Must-Join Social Media App

3 rooms to inspire any small business owner.

Which Rooms?

LEGO: The World’s Most Reputable Company

What small businesses can learn from LEGO.

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The Human Side of Digital Transformation

Prepping your employees for a digital shift.

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Ramp Up Your Website

Create a more engaging online experience.

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Volume 6

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Establishing Your Mission Statement

Let Martha Stewart teach you how to write an effective mission statement.

Start Writing

How to Run a More Efficient Meeting

Make sure no one says, "This meeting should have been an email!"

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“Near Me Today/Tonight” Searches up 900%

Is your business showing up in local search?

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Introducing: ThryvPay Mobile App

Free Payment Processing App for Small Businesses.


Volume 7

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Mask or No Mask?

With the CDC guidelines lifting, should you keep or ditch the mask mandates?

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ThryvPay: Convenience Fees & Tips

ThryvPay is a FREE payment processing app for small businesses.


Should You Raise Your Wages?

One way to offset the costs of increasing employees' pay is by raising your prices. Our Increasing Prices calculator can help you out.


3 Tips to Managing Your Online Reputation

Your online presence is often the first impression with a new customer, make it count!

Tips, Please

Volume 8

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Small Businesses are Bouncing Back Post-COVID

If you’re looking for a spark of inspiration to achieve your 2021 business goals, visit our guide:

Going Digital, Staying Human

Gen Z is Making a Splash in the Workforce

Learn more about Gen Z’s unique perspective.

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Are you taking advantage of Google?

Learn more about Thryv’s Google My Business Dashboard.

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Small Businesses Celebrate Pride Month

“An amazing responsibility to uplift our LGTBQ+ community and our brothers and sisters.” – Daniel, Lima-Stanley Design

Lima – Stanley Design

Volume 10

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See How Increasing Prices Can Impact Your Bottom Line

See for yourself with Thryv's Increasing Prices Calculator.

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Free Tool: Invoice Generator

Put your best face forward with a professional-looking invoice.
Build an Invoice

Expert Advice on How to Identify Your Ideal Customer

Small business strategist, Stacy Kessler has advice on helping you identify your ideal customer.

Meet Stacy


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